Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product rave!

  My new laptop desk pillow!

Michael and I sit with our laptops for at least a couple of hours every night. I do all my blogging at night when I get home and most of the time I am working on multiple posts at a time to get them ready and scheduled for the next week, so it can take a while. Like most laptops mine gets really warm and it can be uncomfortable after a while. I would end up grabbing a throw pillow from the couch and putting it under my laptop, but the pillows are too soft. I started looking for a hard topped laptop desk pillow that I could also write on if I am working on my menu or grocery list for the week. I was torn between one from Brookstone and one by Logitech that I found on Amazon. I ended up choosing the Logitech one because it was bigger and I liked the angled design over the squishy pillow.

I just got it last night and already I am in love! It is so comfortable and having the laptop sit at an angle is even better than I expected. If you have a laptop, you need this this laptop desk!

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