Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our week in pictures: 4.19.15

1. Beautiful roses from my love!
2. Purple day at school!
3. Fun new door sign for Summer
4. We officially joined the minivan club, I'm looking forward to all of our road trips with a lot more room!
5. Trip to Brookfield Zoo with my littles!
6. Ethan is obsessed with his shadow right now!
7. Helping Grandma do yard work!
8. Final preparations are in the works for a very special little boy's 3rd birthday!
9. Fun at the park!
10. Brother and sister love!
11. A night out with my love to celebrate Teddy's 40th birthday!
12. Cuddle time with Dado!
13. We had fun shopping for baseball and soccer gear with Ethan, he starts soccer in June. I am so excited!
14. My pretty little girl!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fish Release

On Saturday we did something new and fun with Ethan, we took part in a fish release. The local towns near us stock lakes and ponds every year and they get residents involved. We thought it was something right up Ethan's alley, and we were right, he loved it and had so much fun! They had buckets for everyone and you lined up in four different lines which had four different fish, minnows, bass, small catfish, and larger catfish. We thought we would only get to do it once, but we actually got to go four times and he got to go to each fish line!

Ethan holding his bucket ready to go in line!

Getting his fish from the boy scouts! It was actually Michael's old boy scout troop too!


Pouring them in the lake!

Getting his second fish

It's a bass!

He hung out right by us at the shore for a minute before swimming off!

Getting his third fish


He's jumping, Mama!

Bye, catfish!

Getting his fourth fish!

Bye catfish!

We had so much fun, especially Ethan, it was a really fun event. I can't wait to do it again next year!

Monday, April 20, 2015

First visit to the Arboretum this year

I have been itching for the weather to be warm enough on a Friday so that we could go to the Morton Arboretum. It's no secret that it's our favorite place to go in the Summer. Friday was finally the perfect day. It was 75 and actually 65 degrees early in the morning so we headed out early to get a hike in before heading to the children's garden. Ethan was in heaven walking through the woods again, he just loves hiking there. It was the most beautiful day!

Ethan had even more fun this time because he had his new binoculars!

After our hike, we got in the car to head to the other side of the Arboretum and the children's garden. On our way out Ethan spotted the most amazing flowering trees and wanted to stop so we did. He kept saying, "The flowers are so beautiful Mama!" They certainly were! They were beautiful magnolia trees and not only did they look beautiful, they smelled amazing too!

Frolicking in the flowers!

Sofia thought they were pretty too!

After checking out the pretty flowers we made our way to the children's garden! Ethan was telling Sofia all about the fun things they have there on the walk from the car!

Ethan and Sofia's first of many trips to the children's garden!

The thing I love about this place is that each year as Ethan grows he still loves visiting. This is our third Summer visiting here and I love seeing how Ethan plays and enjoys the same exhibits in a completely new way now that he's older. I can't wait for the same thing with Sofia!

The frogs have always been one of his favorites!

His favorite this time was walking on the walks and then taking off his shoes and wading in the water.

After the wading in the water, an outfit change was required and then we were off to the treetops to climb the ropes course and have a snack!

I remember walking him through this holding his hands the past two years, my little boy is growing up!

Hi, Mama!

After our snack and another 30 times through the rope course, we started making our way out but not without a stop to the giant ball!

Then we picked up Dado to give him a break from work to have lunch at Ethan's favorite place, the choo choo restaurant!

I can't wait for our many more visits to the Arboretum this year! They have an amazing nature LEGO exhibit coming in July that I can't wait to see!