Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cosley Zoo

Cosley Zoo is a small local zoo near us that we've always wanted to take Ethan to, but never got around to it. They have mostly local and farm animals. I thought it would be right up Ethan's alley since he loves any animal, but especially farm animals. Well I was right, he loved it. You could get so close to the animals and he even fed the ducks which was the highlight of his day. He was shrieking he was so excited! He loves cows and horses too, he even got to pet a horse. It was a fun way to spend our morning and we will definitely be back!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Boy Bed

Our baby boy has hit another milestone, he's out of his crib and in a twin big boy bed! His little sister will be using his crib so we thought we would try to put him in a big boy bed sooner than later. If it didn't go well, we wanted to have enough time to make the transition before she arrives. We also caught him a couple of weeks ago putting a leg over his crib to crawl out, so we just felt it was time.

We set everything up while he was at daycare. We got him a twin bed without the box spring so that the bed wasn't high off the ground (we'll add one later when he's older). I picked out some new bedding for him. I got him these cute alphabet animal sheets which I knew he would love plus a lightweight blanket. There's also a comforter on the way but it's backordered. I set up the bed with everything that was in his crib so his favorite things would still be there.

When it was bedtime, Michael and I went up with him and he ran right to his bed and sat on it. He started pointing to the animals on the sheets and naming them. He really seemed to love it.

We picked out a book to read and got him snuggled in.

After we read his book we said good night and I told him to stay in his bed and go to sleep. I fully expected him to get out, but he didn't! Within 15 - 20 minutes he was fast asleep.

I was so shocked it was that easy. I was stalking him on the video monitor all night long, but he was happily sleeping every time I looked. I woke up before him in the morning and I was nervous he would be out of his bed messing around but he was still asleep. When he did wake up, he laid in bed for a while and then finally climbed out of his bed, then he went and stood at his door like he was waiting for us to come get him. Then we could hear him jiggling his door handle, but luckily he still doesn't know how to open the doors. I went and opened his door and he was all smiles and he went and ran back to his bed! 

I was so glad that we made it through the night. The next day was Friday when I am home with him so I was nervous to see if nap time would go as well. He did get out a couple of times at the start of his nap but after telling him no those two times, he fell right asleep.

I tested him when he got up from his nap too. I wanted to see what he would do if I didn't come get him right away. After about 20 minutes he got up from his bed, opened his shade to look out the window, then went and got a book climbed back in bed to read it. He's such a good boy!

He's continued to do really well and we haven't had any issues; it's like it's an old routine already. I'm so proud of our little boy for making this transition so well. He never ceases to amaze us!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We had a great Easter last week. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. We started our morning letting Ethan open his Easter gifts. He could have cared less about the basket all he wanted were the wood blocks sitting beside it that the Easter Bunny brought! He finally dug in his basket after a while to check out all of his other fun gifts.

After opening Easter gifts, we had some breakfast and I frosted and decorated cupcakes I was bringing to our family celebrations.

Before we left I had to get a few pictures of my dapper little man! It's a good thing I did too because you will see how much he was not wanting to take any sort of family picture later on!

We headed to my Aunt Diane and Uncle John's for brunch. It was such a nice time. Almost every member of the family was there which is rare and it was great! It was such a beautiful day, everyone got to hang out outside. All the kids got to run around and they had a ball. Especially these two!

Walking just like Papa!

Pretty Lily and her new Abby doll!

Ethan gave Teddy's shoulders a workout!

After eating, it was time to head home so Ethan could get a nap in before we headed to Michael's parents to celebrate. When we got to Michael's parents house, they had an Easter egg hunt all set up for the kids.The kids had so much fun finding their eggs. Jacob and Makayla did a good job helping Ethan too!

We attempted to take a family picture and yeah, Mr. Ethan was not having it, HA!

All was right in the world though once he got to go for a swing and hold a rock!

Pretty Makayla

After hanging outside for a while we headed in for dinner. Everything was really yummy. Ethan chowed down and apparently stole Jacob and Makayla's forks! 

After dinner we talked, had some dessert and played outside with the kids some more. It was a great time and a very busy day. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter as well!