Thursday, April 7, 2016

10 years

10 years ago today I was sitting in my cube at work when I checked my personal e-mail and saw I had a "request to communicate" email from eHarmony. I looked at the profile of the man on the other side of the computer and answered that request. After going through several other stages of communication on the website before we moved into the "open communication" on the site, we   exchanged messenger user names and started talking online that evening. Before the night was over, I gave him my phone number. I waited, and waited and finally after midnight that night, he called. We talked for hours and every day since.

When we met in person in May I knew he was special, but I would never have imagined that a month later we would exchange "I love you's," and only 4 months later we would be engaged. I know people thought we were crazy to get engaged so quick, but we both knew immediately we were meant to be together.

Our very first picture together



Our family

And now 10 years later we have created a beautiful life and family together. I cannot imagine doing life with anyone but Michael. He is best thing that has ever happened to me. There is nothing like knowing that you have someone who will always have your back, stand by you and love you for you. No matter what things we have or will face as long as I have you, I know we can make it through. Thanks for choosing me my love and making our first 10 years together the best years of my life I can't wait for the next 10 and the 10 after that and so on...forever, ever. I love you.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sofia's World: 18 Months

Ms. Sofia I don't know how it's possible that you are 18 months old! I can't believe it but then at the same time sometimes I think you are already 2 with the things you know and do. Your speech is just amazing compared to where your brother was at the same age. You are around probably 100 words, I honestly have had trouble capturing them all. You learned the word "No" this month and use it frequently! My favorite things you have been saying though have been animal sounds. You can moo like a cow, woof like a dog, roar like a dinosaur, cluck like a chicken, quack like a duck, meow like a cat and more. It is the cutest thing ever when you do it! You love animals so much which I love to see. You love anytime we see any animal. Going to the zoo is one of your favorite things.

You also are learning your ABC's and counting. You can sing the alphabet song and get almost all the letters right, it's amazing! You can also count to 5 and love to count everything in your books. We are working on letter recognition now and you are doing really well. Colors and shapes will be up next too! You still love reading books and would sit in front of the bookcases all day if I would let you.

I mentioned that you can sing the ABC song, but you can also sing Happy Birthday, Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, which is your favorite. You don't get all the words right but you sing your little heart out. You are almost always singing in your crib before bed and when you wake up and you do cute little dances to go along with the songs. 

You just loved Easter this year. You loved doing the egg hunts, decorating Easter eggs, digging through your basket, and you really loved Easter candy!

I am working on designing your big girl room right now for when we move and I came across this sign:

I can't even begin to describe how accurate this saying is for you. You are the sweetest, most affectionate little girl, but if we try to help you with something you don't want to help with or try to make you do something you don't want to do, look out! You give us this look and scream at us. For example, if I try to lay you down and change your diaper or clothes and you don't want to do it at that moment, you will kick, scream, roll and crawl away. If I ask you if you will lay down so I can change your diaper. you will lay down on the floor nicely and let me change you. Oh boy, the next 18 years should definitely be fun ride with you little girl! 

I don't have your height and weight stats yet but your doctors appointment is in a couple of weeks. I think you are around 25lbs and 35 inches tall. You are wearing size 2T clothes, size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes. You got your first molars this month and your 4 bicuspid teeth are all coming in right now at the same time you poor girl. You handle teething like a champ though its amazing. You are still eating and sleeping so well. 

You LOVE being outside just like your brother. You love being among the grass and trees, splashing in puddles, playing at the park, especially on the slides. You love being outside so much that when we bring you inside you have a complete meltdown. We are longing for better weather so we can be outside more and I can't wait to see you running alongside your brother this Summer at all of our favorite places we visit.

Sofia, you are happy, loving, smart, feisty, funny and full of fun.  I just love this age so much, you are so much fun right now. We are so lucky to call you ours. We love you so much and are looking forward to see all of the fun and new things you will be doing next month!