Thursday, April 7, 2016

10 years

10 years ago today I was sitting in my cube at work when I checked my personal e-mail and saw I had a "request to communicate" email from eHarmony. I looked at the profile of the man on the other side of the computer and answered that request. After going through several other stages of communication on the website before we moved into the "open communication" on the site, we   exchanged messenger user names and started talking online that evening. Before the night was over, I gave him my phone number. I waited, and waited and finally after midnight that night, he called. We talked for hours and every day since.

When we met in person in May I knew he was special, but I would never have imagined that a month later we would exchange "I love you's," and only 4 months later we would be engaged. I know people thought we were crazy to get engaged so quick, but we both knew immediately we were meant to be together.

Our very first picture together



Our family

And now 10 years later we have created a beautiful life and family together. I cannot imagine doing life with anyone but Michael. He is best thing that has ever happened to me. There is nothing like knowing that you have someone who will always have your back, stand by you and love you for you. No matter what things we have or will face as long as I have you, I know we can make it through. Thanks for choosing me my love and making our first 10 years together the best years of my life I can't wait for the next 10 and the 10 after that and so on...forever, ever. I love you.

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