Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sofia's World: 19 Months

Happy 19 months my princess! You are now closer to 2 years old than 1 and I can't believe it. You look and seem so much older to me all of the sudden. You definitely had a growth spurt as we found out at the doctor's a couple of weeks ago. You are 35" tall (100%) and 26 lbs (84%). You are the same height that your brother was at this age! You are 4 pounds lighter though. You have no baby fat or rolls left on you whatsoever and I keep telling Daddy that you are going to be skin and bones by the end of the Summer because you never stop moving! You are always on the go doing something.

Your favorite activity by far is being outside and your least favorite activity is coming in from outside! We have to bring you in kicking and screaming all the way. When we leave the park, there is always a scene because you would never leave it you had it your way. Luckily we will have a nice backyard soon for you to spend a lot more time outside. 

When the weather is nice you love to eat lunch and dinner outside and we have done that a lot lately. You love to look at all the birds and squirrels passing by. You point and say, "Look, Mama, look!" Look is probably your most used word right now and you say it with such excitement when you want to get our attention. 

You are adding new words everyday it's just amazing. I would say you are between 100 - 200 words right now and you are putting multiple words together. Your brother was at 30 words at this age so either girls really are just that amazing, being the second child helped or you are just that brilliant! Let's go with brilliant, ok? 

You can recite almost all of your ABC's and know most visually as well. You are counting to about 7 and have learned quite a few colors: blue, yellow, purple, green, orange and red. You've really shown an interest in coloring and stickers lately. You also seem to be favoring your left hand a lot. None of us are lefty so that would be interesting but you're still young. 

You are definitely your Mama's daughter in that you love any kind of accessory, especially necklaces. You call them, "pretties" and you pile them on! I love finding you new ones with things you like.

You love your brother so much and want to do everything he is doing. You follow him around all day long. Luckily he loves playing with you just as much. You guys are so funny and absolutely adorable together. You are the best friends and I hope that never changes.

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures! I am so lucky to have caught this moment between you two!

Sofia, you are happy, loving, smart, feisty, funny and full of fun.  I just love this age so much, you are so much fun right now. We are so lucky to call you ours. We love you so much and are looking forward to see all of the fun and new things you will be doing next month!

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