Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 27 - Pumpkin Decorating Day!

On Friday we had a fun family day and decorated our pumpkins. We decided instead of carving this year we would paint our pumpkins so Ethan could participate more. We had a lot of fun but Ethan had the most fun making a mess, HA!

I thought the squash would make a perfect minion.

Ethan painted the squash yellow for the minion.

It started out innocent enough.

Then things started getting messy.

And messier

Yeah and this is where Ethan's pumpkin painting ended!

Our 2013 pumpkins!

Ethan's Minion pumpkin

My chevron pumpkin

Michael's aqua stripe pumpkin

And Porkchop's pumpkin (painted by Ethan)

Look Mama, it's a Minion!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration - we included your Minion Idea into our 30 Minion Halloween Costume - Treat - Pumpkin and Decor Ideas