Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 18 - Paper Plate Spiders

Ethan's favorite day of the week, craft day! I saw this idea on Pinterest and I knew Ethan would have fun painting the paper plate.

I picked a few colors and let Ethan choose which color he wanted his spider to be. He wanted a teal spider so that's what we went with. To make this craft you need paint, paint brush, 2 white paper plates, 4 pipe cleaners cut in half, 8 googly eyes, a stapler and ribbon to hang.

Ethan was excited to paint while I got everything set up. He was stamping away on the paper plates just waiting for some paint!

I let him just paint away on the two paper plates until they were covered. 

Once he was done painting I let the plates completely dry and then added the spider details. 

I cut the pipe cleaners in half and sandwiched them between the paper plates and secured with a staple. Then I glued the eyes and secured the ribbon with a staple. Ethan really liked his finished spider!

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