Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sofia's World: 23 Months

23 months, holy cow little girl! You are just one month away from turning 2! You are already acting like a full-fledged two year old. You are little Miss Independent lately and if we try to do something for you and you don't want help, you go into full blown tantrum mode! We are planning a panda-rific party to celebrate you turning 2 and I'm so excited for it. You absolutely love pandas so I know you are going to love all of the fun decorations we have to celebrate.

Your speech is still amazing and you add new words every day. You are talking in sentences and so many things you say crack us us up. At least once a day I'm surprised by something you say because I didn't know you knew that word or phrase. You are counting to 10, know your ABC's, sing every nursery rhyme known to man and you know your colors. You can finally say orange, that is an update from last month. You have really done well with learning your colors and I think what has helped with that is coloring, one of your new favorite obsessions!

You love to color and do it pretty much every day. I keep coloring books and a bin with crayons and colored pencils on our kitchen table at all times and you love it. You pull out a crayon and say the color and 95% of the time you are right. You are really loving play-doh right now too so that has been another favorite evening activity. We are also pretty confident you are going to be left-handed. You have always favored it since you were born and now with coloring, you always use your left hand. You would be the first lefty in our family!

Another fun activity this month was jumping in a bounce house for the first time! We were at a party that had one and you were hesitant at first but once you warmed up to it a bit, we couldn't get you out! We actually ended up buying a bounce house with Rich and Tif for us to share for parties and playtime so we have one in our basement now and you love it!

Another fun thing we did this month was go to Day out with Thomas. This was your second year going but last year you were so little you didn't get to enjoy it. You love choo choos just like your brother so I was excited to bring you again. You loved all the trains and we went on two train rides that you had fun on. You also got your first tattoo! Although your highlight of the day might have been the push pop that Papa got you, HA!

 You really liked that push pop!

Speaking of treats, you have such a sweet tooth! Your brother is the total opposite and doesn't like anything except M&M's and you want all the sweets, HA! You can't get enough. Your favorite though is gummy bears. You shovel them in by the fistful so we have to give them to you one at a time. You haven't been the best eater this past month but I think it has to do with your teeth because some days you eat everything in front of you and some days you eat nothing. 

We don't have updated height and weight stats for you but we will after your 2 year check up next month. You are getting so big it's crazy. You are definitely not my itty bitty baby anymore. 

Sofia, you are the most fun little girl I know! You are so full of energy, spunk, sweetness and sass. You have your Daddy wrapped around your finger with your smile and you can charm anyone you meet. We love you so much and I'm going to cherish this last month of you as a one year old. We can't wait to celebrate you in such a big way next month.