Thursday, January 29, 2015

1 year ago...

1 year ago on this day, we got the shock of our lives we will never forget!

After so much struggle with getting pregnant with Ethan, we were given the biggest, most unexpected blessing we could have ever imagined. A year later and we have the most beautiful, happy, smiley, almost 4 month old little girl who has completed our family in every way and added so much light to our lives. We love you so much princess, you are the best surprise I've ever been given!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We took Ethan to Build-a-Bear for the first time this weekend and it was so fun! Ethan loves stuffed animals so we knew he would love it. We showed him all of his options of animals and he picked out a giraffe of course!

We scanned his giraffe in and then we waited our turn. Ethan loved watching the animal filling spin around and around in the tumbler.

Finally it was Ethan's turn and he handed the helper his giraffe and she started filling him. Ethan had fun stepping on the pedal to fill his giraffe. He wanted me to help too!

Once his giraffe was full, he had to pick out a heart, give it a kiss and then put it inside the giraffe. He loved this part!

The he helped hold his giraffe so she could finish sewing him closed. He's such a good helper!

All done!

We wanted to pick out a shirt or something for his giraffe, but we found something better, pajamas! We also got him a fun Valentine's headband with hearts. Ethan was so excited and couldn't wait for them to be put on so they did it for him. He loved it!

We walked around the mall and went to some more stores and he just had to carry that giraffe around too. It was so cute!

It was so much fun and Ethan loved it. I can't wait to do it again when Sofia is older and she can make one too!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Enchanted Railroad

On Friday I took Ethan to the Morton Arboretum. This is one of our favorite places in the Summer but we don't visit in the Winter since it's too cold to be outside. However, they had a really cool train display called, The Enchanted Railroad that we just had to check out.

The train display was four-sided and each side represented a season at the Arboretum. It was a beautiful display and Ethan was completely enthralled. They also had buttons on each side that kids could push and something would happen in the display. 

Ethan had such a great time. I think we were there for about 90 minutes and he just sat and watched all the trains going around and around and was excited each time one came his way. He loved being so close to the trains since the display was so close to the ground. One of the men running the trains even commented how impressed he was with Ethan's train enthusiam and the respect he showed to the trains because he never reached for any of them. Let's just say the guys working there were putting the trains back on the tracks every few minutes or so because of little hands! It was a great time and Ethan loved it!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our week in pictures: 1.18.15

We had a crazy week, from getting our house painted, I had strep throat and work for both of us is insane! I still managed to take a lot of pictures though!

1. My sassy girl!
2. Love my boys!
3. Ethan made a fort using Sofia's play mat to watch his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
4. I woke up with strep throat on Tuesday so I was numbing my throat with some popsicles.
5. My maternity leave is most definitely over, my to do list is out of control!
6. My little girl holding her bottle already!
7. We had a lot of the house painted this week so the house was in chaos.
8. I packed up Sofia's newborn - 3 months clothes, on to 3 - 6!
9. Sofia rolled over while she was in her swaddle. She is getting so big!
10. Pajama day at Ethan's day care. All the kids look so cute!
11. Story time with my littles is my favorite time of day. They love it so much!
12. My smiley girl during tummy time at daycare! I'm so thankful I get lots of pictures of the kids every day.
13. Ethan was absolutely enthralled with the Enchanted Railroad we visited on Friday.
14. We made our first trip to Build-a-Bear and Ethan loved it!
15. Sofia's Valentine's bucket ready for lots of goodies!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our week in pictures: 1.11.15

1. Sofia watching a dolphin swim at the aquarium for the first time!
2. My little snow bunny!
3. I got this awesome personalized canvas map made on Zulily and we are going to pin all of the places we go as a family. I can't wait to fill it up!
4. My littles all ready for pajama day at school!
5. My smiley girl right before bed.
6. Ethan "reading" this month's Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.
7. This little girl loves her Daddy!
8. My little Strawberry Shortcake!
9. I scored some amazing clearance deals on some holiday dresses for Sofia next year!
10. Fun at the library.
11. Ethan keeping Sofia occupied during tummy time.
12. The aquarium with my little man!
13. Me and my mini me strawberry!