Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our week in pictures: 1.18.15

We had a crazy week, from getting our house painted, I had strep throat and work for both of us is insane! I still managed to take a lot of pictures though!

1. My sassy girl!
2. Love my boys!
3. Ethan made a fort using Sofia's play mat to watch his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
4. I woke up with strep throat on Tuesday so I was numbing my throat with some popsicles.
5. My maternity leave is most definitely over, my to do list is out of control!
6. My little girl holding her bottle already!
7. We had a lot of the house painted this week so the house was in chaos.
8. I packed up Sofia's newborn - 3 months clothes, on to 3 - 6!
9. Sofia rolled over while she was in her swaddle. She is getting so big!
10. Pajama day at Ethan's day care. All the kids look so cute!
11. Story time with my littles is my favorite time of day. They love it so much!
12. My smiley girl during tummy time at daycare! I'm so thankful I get lots of pictures of the kids every day.
13. Ethan was absolutely enthralled with the Enchanted Railroad we visited on Friday.
14. We made our first trip to Build-a-Bear and Ethan loved it!
15. Sofia's Valentine's bucket ready for lots of goodies!

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