Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our week in pictures 1.4.15

1. My smiley girl!
2. Michael made me Chilean sea bass for my first day back at work dinner. It's my favorite!
3. The girl of the year for my girl of the year!
4. Crazy snow drift on our deck.
5. My little girl all smiles after tummy time.
6. I'm attempting to take a picture a day all year and this Photo365 app is helping me to not forget!
7. Beautiful tulips from my hubby for my return to work.
8. Ethan battled a fever from Wednesday - Friday and was just not feeling himself. He fell asleep on the kitchen floor! 
9. Sofia getting a nap in with her Daddy.
10. Trying to get these arms and hands to work!
11. Look at those lips! I could stare at her all day long!
12. Ethan taking his penguin's temperature. There was a lot of temperature taking this week.
13. Sissy's toys are fun to play with too!
14. Jamming out with my little karaoke partner!
15. Making meatloaf with Dado!


  1. Looks like a great week!! And you have to tell me this recipe for Chilean sea bass!! Sounds and looks delish! I love love love that Sofia has the AG girl of the year! Emma has already asked for this one, but she has quite a few already, so i'm not sure if she will get this one or not. Have a great Monday! =)

  2. The Chilean sea bass recipe is from Pioneer Woman and it's amazing.
    I know it's a little crazy that I bought the AG girl of the year for Sofia, but I thought she was the cutest one I had ever seen and I couldn't help myself! I just told my husband she'll grow into it, ha!