Friday, May 6, 2011

Yay, Friday!

I am so happy Friday is here!! Just today and Monday separate us from Florida. Granted the first two days are for my work conference, but knowing I have 10 days after to relax and soak in the sun makes it totally worth it. Michael and I have been busting our butts all week to get ready for vacation. Michael pulled a 16 hour day on Wednesday to get himself all caught up. I have had a busy week as well but it was good because it has gone by really fast. I have almost all of our packing done; I just need to run a few last minute errands. I also need to charge my cameras' batteries and pack my carry on bag. We don't have a ton of plans this weekend except for Sunday. Tomorrow, I am going to the salon to get my hair color done and a no-chip manicure. On Sunday we are celebrating Mother's Day with our moms. We are having breakfast with Michael's Mom and Lunch with my Mom. I will have a full weekend recap and pictures on Sunday!

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