Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Recap - Back to Reality

Well, all good things must come to an end. Our vacation was wonderful but it's always wonderful to come home too. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We got home at about 2:30 yesterday and our first order of business was to pick up Mr. Porkchop at Michael's parents. They were nice enough to watch him for 12 days. He was so excited to see us. They said he was such a good boy and had a great time just running around in the yard. We sat and visited with his parents for a while telling them about their trip and giving them their souvenirs for watching Porkchop. We headed home after awhile to relax for a little while. Porkchop was happy to be home and back on his deck to sun his buns!

After relaxing for a couple of hours and watching the Vampire Diaries finale we missed while we were gone, we headed to Rich and Tif's. We hadn't seen Jacob in 2 weeks, which was way too long!

He is such a big boy now. He's standing a lot and looks like he might take his first steps any day now. We had fun visiting with them and we ordered some pizza for dinner. We left a little while after dinner since we were pretty wrecked from traveling all day. We came home and watched a few things off of our very full DVR before calling it a night.

Today we got up early and headed to breakfast. We went back to Wildberry, where we went for Mother's Day. It was just as delicious as we remembered! After breakfast we headed to Whole Foods to replenish our very barren fridge. We hadn't been grocery shopping in more than 3 weeks so it was a big shopping trip. We headed home to unload and then I had to head out again to bring Porkchop to the vet. He just had a check-up to see how his skin was doing. 

The good news is that his skin infection is healing really well, the bad news is that all of his hair might not grow back. We still haven't got the skin cultures back to see exactly what caused the infection but we should find out this week. I really hope this is his last vet visit until next year because he has been through a lot the past couple of months. 

After the vet I came home and made some lunch for Michael and I. The rest of the day we've just been relaxing, catching up on our DVR and doing all the laundry from vacation. I've also been working on uploading and editing all of my vacation photos and working on blog posts.

For Sunday dinner we wanted to grill since it was so beautiful out. We made beer can chicken. It was delicious. I will post the recipe this week. 

I will be posting lots of vacation pictures and recaps this week as well. I hope all of you had a great weekend. At least we all have a 3-day weekend to look forward to. I will keep reminding that to myself all week; have a great week everyone!

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