Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Florida Family Vacation 2014

We spent a wonderful 12 days in Florida. We started out in Orlando to visit Disney World for a few days. Our first day there we spent at Downtown Disney to do some shopping, eat and play. Ethan loved the water fountain they had and was chasing the dancing water!

After lots of fun shopping and a yummy lunch we headed to our resort to check in. Thanks to my amazing parents, we were staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's one of our favorite places to stay because there are animals walking outside the hotel at all times. We were so excited to see Ethan's reaction to everything because he is such an animal lover. He loved it!


Checking out the gift shop. Ethan loved shaking the maracas!

Our second day in Disney World we spent at the Magic Kingdom. I was so excited to see Ethan's reaction to everything. He was there a year ago but was so young he didn't really get it. We got to the gates in time to see the welcome show and to watch Mickey pull into the station.

Seeing Mickey for the first time, so excited!

He didn't want to look at the camera, there were too many exciting things happening!

It was the best day, Ethan loved every ride and every single thing he saw that day. It was a dream come true!

We left in the early afternoon. Little man was exhausted and we were too! We all headed back to the hotel, took naps and had dinner at the resort.

Our third and last day in Disney we spent at Animal Kingdom. We knew our little animal would just love it. We went straight to the safari and we saw so many animals. Ethan loved every second. He would call out every animal he saw and then as we drove away he would say, "bye giraffe," or whatever animal we had just seen. It was the cutest thing ever!

We had a great few days in Disney, but we were definitely ready for some relaxation at the beach. After our day at Animal Kingdom, we got in the car and headed south to Naples, FL. We were staying at my cousin's amazing house again and so excited. We got there in the evening so we didn't really do anything besides grocery shop and unpack.

The next day we headed to the beach. My parents were actually in Naples at the same time so we got to see them during our visit. I was interested to see what Ethan would think of the beach since it had been a year since he had been there. He loved it! He though the waves coming on the beach was the the coolest thing ever. He loved picking up seashells and sifting the water. It was such a fun day!

Playing at the beach is hard work!

I turned 20 weeks pregnant while we were there!

Another day we went to the Naples Zoo. It's a smaller zoo but they have a lot of cool animals.

Of course we had to feed the giraffes too! Ethan was obsessed. We kept buying more lettuce because he kept saying, "more, more, more!"

We were heading to dinner one evening and saw a park so we stopped and of course Ethan wanted to play in the splash park. I didn't have extra clothes so we stripped him down and he had a blast!

Our favorite thing is always relaxing by the pool. We almost always had the pool to ourselves and it was wonderful. Ethan had so much fun jumping in and having us catch him.

We had such an amazing vacation. It's always so nice to get away to the sand, sun and water. Naples has become one of our favorite getaway spots. We can't wait until our next trip!