Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ethan's 2nd Birthday Party


We celebrated Ethan's birthday with friends and family on Sunday, May 4. We decided to host it at an indoor kids play place instead of having it at home. That way Ethan and the kids had plenty of things to do. The kids had a ball! Pretty much none of my pictures of the kids turned out and were too blurry because they were all running around non-stop!

After the kids played for an hour we moved into the party room for pizza and cupcakes. I made Ethan a banner and a couple of centerpieces and a couple of tiger tail treats for people to bring home.

Everyone ate and then we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy!

And then came the biggest disappointment of the day, Ethan couldn't open his presents. Apparently they have a rule that they don't let you open gifts. We couldn't believe it, it's a kids birthday party place! They never told us and in the contract it just says that there is not allotted time for gifts, which we had over 40 minutes. I was fuming and everyone who had taken time to pick out Ethan's gift was disappointed they wouldn't get to see his reaction. Needless to say we won't be having his party there next year!

After we left the party place we stopped by Michael's parents house because they had a gift for him that was too big to bring to his party. They got him a truck that he just loved and he was so happy to be outside playing!

After letting him play for a while we headed home and let him open the rest of his gifts. He loved everything and he got such cool stuff. He is a very loved little boy. He's being playing with everything ever since. I'm putting pictures of him opening every gift for those who didn't get to see him open his gifts. He had a great day and party. I can't believe our little boy is 2!


  1. Looks like Ethan had a fun party, he looks adorable. Too bad about the gift part, they will lose lots of business for birthday parties.

  2. It's hard to believe he's already 2!!!!