Monday, May 12, 2014

Ethan's World: 24 Months

Well little man, I can hardly believe it, but you are 2! It is amazing how much you have changed in a year. In the past year you have learned so much it's incredible. At 12 months you could say 10 words and now I can't even imagine how many words you can say, 200? 300? I can't really keep up because you say new words every day. You repeat pretty much everything we say, it's amazing. Your love of books and learning never ceases to impress us. You know the entire alphabet, can count to 10 confidently and to 20 with a mistake or two, you know all of your colors, most shapes and pretty much every animal on this Earth and the sound it makes. I can't wait to see all the things you will learn in the next year!

Your stats at 2 years:

Weight: 31 lbs. - 90th percentile
Height: 40 inches - Off the charts!
Clothing Size - 3T
Diaper Size - 5

Fun things this month!


If there is one thing that you love more than anything it's being outside. You will just keep saying, "outside, outside, outside, outside," until you get to go out. You notice everything when we are outside. We go for a walk pretty much every day and you notice every plane that flies by, every rock, stick and leaf we pass and any bird or animal we see. Your favorite animal right now is ducks, you lose your mind when you see them and you've got to feed them a couple of times and you were shrieking with excitement! Your love of animals and all things in nature is awesome. I love that you want to spend all of your time outside.

I keep trying to get a picture of you doing this but have been unsuccessful. Your favorite saying right now is "Oh no!" and you throw your hands on your head very dramatically. It's hilarious! You usually do it when you drop something or one of your toys gets stuck somewhere and then sometimes you say it just because. It's the cutest thing!

Hot Wheels

You've always loved anything on wheels but lately you have really taken to Hot Wheels cars. I think you like that they are small and fit perfectly in your hand. I always have a few in my purse wherever we go just in case you want your cars! You just got a new track for your birthday and it has a big car eating dinosaur and you love it!

Big Boy Bed

The biggest news this month, besides you being 2 obviously, is that you are no longer sleeping in your crib and you are in a twin big boy bed! We knew we were going to put your sister in your crib so we thought we would start sooner than later just in case you had trouble with the transition. Well just like most of the transitions we have been through with you in your 2 years, you handled it with ease. You were genuinely excited about the bed. It's been a couple weeks now and it's like you've always slept there. You love that we can climb in your bed with you. I snuggle in bed with you every morning and rub your back and then read you books at night in your bed before you go to sleep. You are honestly just an amazing sleeper in general, you always have been. You sleep 12 hours a night and take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.

Ethan, you are our everything. You are the highlight of our day, every day. These 2 years have been the best years of our lives. You are such a sweet, fun-loving little boy. I love seeing the world through your eyes. Every time we go somewhere new, seeing your reaction is my favorite part. I live for the weekends and our time as a family together. In this next year, I am looking forward seeing you learn and grow even more and see you become a big brother. You are going to be the best big brother to your little sister. You are so gentle and sweet, I just know you will love her. We love you so much Ethan, I hope you always know how loved you are and what a miracle you are to us. We are so lucky and blessed to call you our son.

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  1. Great post! And isn't crazy how fast they grow??