Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 13 - Monster Wreath

I had seen this wreath on Pinterest last year after Halloween was over and knew I wanted to make it this year. Then I opened up my Etsy store and the Monster's, Inc. movie had just came out so I thought I would take the idea and put my own spin on it and make it a Sully wreath. The wreath has been really popular and I've made it in lots of color combinations. It is great for Halloween too! To make the wreath you need: 75 yards of tulle in your color or colors of choice, a 12 inch foam wreath, 2 foam balls, a foam sheet, paint, dowel rods and hot glue. The website where I got the idea has a great tutorial on how to put your wreath together.

Here are some of the other monster wreaths I've made for customers to give you additional inspiration!

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