Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Egg Hunts

Last year Ethan wasn't walking yet so he didn't get to participate in any Easter egg hunts besides crawling for eggs in our living room. I was really excited to bring him to some events this year. We even practiced with him at home putting eggs in the new basket tote I got for him.

We went to a local egg hunt and he was so excited, I had to keep him from running and getting an early start because he was so pumped. There were a lot of eggs, or so I thought.

They divided the hunt into age ranges and Ethan was in the 0-4 group. When they yelled, "go" all of the older kids were off and running and the eggs were gone in about 60 seconds! There were a lot of parents shoveling eggs in their kids' baskets which I thought was crazy. Ethan was a little overwhelmed but started picking up eggs. He only ended up with 6 eggs, but he didn't care, he loved it. I was the one who was annoyed! I thought they should have had a 0-2 range and a 3-4 to keep it fair, but whatever. Ethan had fun, which is all that mattered.

After the hunt, Michael and I decided we would just do our own egg hunt from now on, so we did just that. On the day before Easter we went to a big field behind our house and set up Ethan's own personal egg hunt.

He had a ball and it was the most beautiful day. He was funny though because once he opened a few eggs and saw there were hot wheels (his new obsession) in them he just wanted the two cars and he walked around with those. It took us a while for him to get the rest of the eggs because he was content with the few he had already picked! I think we will definitely continue to do our own in the future unless we can find a local egg hunt that isn't so crazy.

Daddy added some bubbles for extra fun too!


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