Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sofia's World: 6 Months

6 months princess! I feel like I blinked and here you are a half a year old! You are at such a fun age, and it just keeps getting better from here! You are sitting up all on your own and we are even getting to the point where you don't need the boppy behind you. You love being able to sit up now and play with all of the fun toys you got at Christmas but were too small to play with at the time. We have officially ditched lots of baby things in the house. We've been selling your playmats, swing, etc. that you don't need anymore. You can now roll over from front to back. You were already doing back to front. When you are on your stomach, you push your body up and are starting to rock back and forth, trying so hard to move and crawl. You bring your knees up like you know what you need to do but just don't have all of the strength yet. think you will be crawling in the next couple of months! You are still one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. You rarely cry. You are just so easy going and happy to be with us. Your whole face lights up when you smile and your little dimples could make the hardest person turn soft! You babble like crazy and I love your little voice. I love your giggle the best and you make some other funny noises like Chewbacca! You've started blowing rapberries and you think it's the funniest thing ever. We do them back and forth with you and you love it. You are still drooling like crazy and put anything and everything in your mouth, but still no teeth. I just love you so much little girl. You are such a joy to be around and watching you grow is so much fun. I can't wait to see what amazing things you are up to next month. We love you so much!

At your four month appointment you were 13lbs 6oz and only in the 31%! I am going to guess you are around 17 pounds now, but we won't find out until April 15.

At your four month appointment you were 27" long and off the charts in height! We measured you ourselves and you were 29", but again, we won't find out your official numbers until your 6 month appointment.

Clothing Size:

You definitely had a growth spurt and you've moved on to 9 months and 6-12 months in clothes.


We are finishing up our last pack of size 2 diapers and then it's on to size 3.


You're eating 4 times a day and 6 ounces each feeding. We've dropped your 11 pm feeding and you are sleeping right through so you must not need it. We've given you peaches, pears, sweet potatoes and puffs and you do seem to like them. We will be trying even more fruits and veggies soon!


You have beautiful blonde hair and it has grown a lot this month. We might have pigtails this Summer, HA! You still have beautiful blue eyes like Daddy!

Sleep has been much better this month. We had a lot of transitions last month that we've worked through now. You are still swaddle free and doing great. You typically go to bed around 6:30 - 7 after story time with Ethan and you sleep until 6 in the morning. I am one happy Mama! I can't complain about 11 hours! You take 2 naps a day. I don't have rock you to sleep anymore either. When you are tired, I put you in your bed, give you your pacifier, and you go right to sleep.

Fun Stuff You Did This Month:

Fun toys
You received so many fun toys for Christmas but you were only 2 months old so you couldn't play with them yet. Now that you are sitting up so well, you have really been having fun checking them all out. Your favorites are your princess mirror, your lamp, your piano jumpy and your mailbox. I still have a few more fun things to get out. I've been spacing them out a little. I have to say that Ethan loves all of your new fun toys too and is really good at sharing with you and showing you how all of them work. 

First swing ride and outside fun
A couple of weeks ago, we were teased with some really nice weather and we got to visit the park for the first time of year. You also got to go on the swings for the first time. You seemed to really like it and as you get bigger it will be even more fun! We've been going on lots of walks which you like and we even had a picnic on the deck. I can't wait to introduce you to all of the fun places and things we have in store this Summer!

First visit with the Easter Bunny
You met the Easter Bunny this month! You probably won't like him next year, so I'm glad we got such a cute picture of you with him! You smiled from ear to ear. I know you he is going to bring you lots of special things since you were such a good girl! 

Porkchop Love
You are absolutely enamored with Porkchop and he is equally in love with you. Wherever you are, Porkchop is close by. You pull and tug at his ears, fur and skin and he just stands there and takes it. He won't stop licking you and Daddy and I have to push him away sometimes he licks you so much. 

Your first year month-by-month

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  1. She seems like the happiest baby ever! She is so cute!! And growing so fast!!