Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Recap

We had a great Easter weekend! On Saturday we put together an egg hunt for Ethan and he had so much fun running around and picking up all the eggs. He loved opening them all when we got home and checking out what was inside too! I can't wait for Sofia to get to join him next year!

On Easter morning we were up early and it was time to see if the Easter Bunny had stopped at our house. He dropped off two baskets for my little bunnies!

Excited to open baskets!

Ethan went first. He got some new swimsuits for vacation, a new beach towel, books, a chefs coat and hat and his favorite things were a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass!

Then it was Sofia's turn to open her basket, her first time! She got new swimsuits, a beach towel, sandals, books, a new paci and some clothes.

 I'll just eat my basket!

After baskets it was time for Ethan to find the hidden chocolate eggs. My parents did this for me and my sister when we were kids and we always loved it. Ethan had so much fun finding them. After he found them all, he wanted us to hide them again so he could find them again, HA!

I had hidden one in one of his train cars and he liked that idea so he put all of them in his cars so Thomas could pull the chocolate eggs!

After baskets and some play time, we got ready. I took the kids outside to get some pictures of them in their Easter best!

After taking pictures we got the car loaded up and headed to Rich and Tif's. They were hosting Easter this year in their beautiful, new house. They literally had moved in on Wednesday! When we got there we took some family pictures in front of the house.

After taking pictures, we went in the backyard where Rich and Tif had set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Jacob, Makayla and Ethan had a lot of fun running around finding their assigned color eggs!

After the egg hunt, it was time for breakfast! Everything was really yummy!

After breakfast, the kids opened Easter baskets and then played outside since it turned out to be such a nice day!

We had a great Easter. I missed my family since we are flip flopping our holidays because it is too much to try and do in one day, but we are celebrating with my parents, Arla, Teddy, Lily and Violet this weekend. I hope all of you had a great Easter too!


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous Easter!! Love all the pictures, and seriously Sofia seems to be the happiest baby ever!!!

  2. These pics were fabulous!! I can't believe how much Sophia looks JUST like Ethan when he was her age! Wow!!