Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fish Release

On Saturday we did something new and fun with Ethan, we took part in a fish release. The local towns near us stock lakes and ponds every year and they get residents involved. We thought it was something right up Ethan's alley, and we were right, he loved it and had so much fun! They had buckets for everyone and you lined up in four different lines which had four different fish, minnows, bass, small catfish, and larger catfish. We thought we would only get to do it once, but we actually got to go four times and he got to go to each fish line!

Ethan holding his bucket ready to go in line!

Getting his fish from the boy scouts! It was actually Michael's old boy scout troop too!


Pouring them in the lake!

Getting his second fish

It's a bass!

He hung out right by us at the shore for a minute before swimming off!

Getting his third fish


He's jumping, Mama!

Bye, catfish!

Getting his fourth fish!

Bye catfish!

We had so much fun, especially Ethan, it was a really fun event. I can't wait to do it again next year!

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