Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our week in pictures: 4.19.15

1. Beautiful roses from my love!
2. Purple day at school!
3. Fun new door sign for Summer
4. We officially joined the minivan club, I'm looking forward to all of our road trips with a lot more room!
5. Trip to Brookfield Zoo with my littles!
6. Ethan is obsessed with his shadow right now!
7. Helping Grandma do yard work!
8. Final preparations are in the works for a very special little boy's 3rd birthday!
9. Fun at the park!
10. Brother and sister love!
11. A night out with my love to celebrate Teddy's 40th birthday!
12. Cuddle time with Dado!
13. We had fun shopping for baseball and soccer gear with Ethan, he starts soccer in June. I am so excited!
14. My pretty little girl!

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