Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our week in pictures: 4.5.15

1. That's a big stick!
2. Looking at the bugs on his pajamas with his new magnifying glass!
3. We had a wonderful Easter!
4. My beautiful boy playing at the park!
5. Countdown to the beach continues! Ethan loves pulling a link off every day!
6. Sofia's first time sitting up in the cart at the grocery store, she loved it!
7. Sofia is a fierce eater. Most of the time we can't get it in her mouth fast enough! This was sweet corn and green beans.
8. Looking at worms on our walk after all of the rain.
9. Sofia and Ethan are officially room mates! Sofia is loving her crib and they are both sleeping great!
10. We love big bows, and I love dressing her so much!
11. A little yoga before bed!
12. My smiley girl on our daily walk!
13. Pork chop love! Sofia is obsessed with him.
14. Cuddling with my little man!
15. Having a pretend picnic!

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