Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A day in the life of the Dworianyns...

One of the blogs I read does a feature called "Show us your life" and this week it was to map out what your typical day is like. I thought this would be interesting to have on record and compare in a few years to see how our days will change. I predict they will be very different once kids are in the mix!

So here is our typical weekday:
  • My alarm goes off at 5:30 every morning
  • I get ready and am downstairs ready to go at 6:00
  • I grab my lunch and my bag and am out the door
  • Michael drives me to the train station and I take the 6:08 train station. (We live really close to the station)
  • Michael goes back to sleep
  • I am in the office at 7 and have breakfast
  • Michael's alarm goes off at 7:45 
  • He gets up, showers, gets ready, feeds Porkchop and is at the office by 8:30
  • I call my mom every morning around 8 before our days get too busy to talk
  • I usually talk to Michael around 9 or 10
  • Work, work, work 
  • I have lunch around 12 or 12:30
  • I talk to Michael again sometime in the afternoon
  • Work, work, work
  • I usually take the 4:20 or 4:50 train home
  • Michael picks me up from the train station at either 5:15 or 5:35
  • If it is a Tuesday or Thursday, I workout for 40 minutes
  • Michael and I have dinner around 6:30
  • We feed Porkchop and do dishes
  • We relax on the couch, watch tv, use our laptops
  • I make my lunch and breakfast for the next day
  • I usually head upstairs and take a shower around 9 or 9:30
  • I pick out my clothes and accessories for the next day
  • Michael comes upstairs around 10
  • We lay in bed and talk or watch tv
  • Michael gives me a back rub to help me fall asleep
  • I'm usually asleep by 10:30
  • Michael usually stays up a little longer after I fall asleep and watches tv
  • Get up the next day and do it all over again!

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