Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our very own cookbook

Everyone knows that I love to cook. My sister and I were very lucky to grow up with a Mom who cooked everyday and has passed on some of the best family recipes! Michael and I really have fun cooking together and we spend every Sunday morning at breakfast planning our weekly menu. We definitely have our favorite go-to recipes and then I love to try new recipes especially from all the blogs I read. I use to keep a binder with all the recipe print outs that I found online or from the blogs that I read and it got really unmanageable. I wanted a better way to keep all our favorite family recipes, our go-to recipes as well as some of our new favorites all in one place.

Enter Blurb. They make every kind of digital book you can imagine. When I found out they also had cookbook templates, I thought it was perfect! Michael and I picked out our favorite recipes new and old and put together our first cookbook, Dworianyn Family Cookbook. I thought it would be great to add new volumes every year or so when we have a new collection of recipes to create a new book.

Our first cookbook - the cover!

This edition covers recipes new and old. We have some of our family favorites like Michael's moms blueberry muffins and my mom's pasta salad We also added some of our new favorites like chicken pesto pasta, honey chicken tenders and reuben egg rolls.

Here's a look inside at one of the recipe pages

I'm looking forward to creating our second volume of recipes at the end of the year. I need to stick to my goal of trying new recipes every month though so I have enough recipes to add!

I would definitely recommend using Blurb to create your own cookbook or any digital book, the software is really easy to use and the books are very reasonably priced. You can usually find an online coupon code as well for money off or free shipping.

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