Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I'm loving: February

The Amazing Race!
This is one of Michael and I's favorite shows on TV. We love to watch all the teams race around the world and perform crazy tasks. We love to talk about whether or not we would do the said tasks and most of my answers are "Hell no!" I love to watch everyone else do them though!

We are totally engrossed in the Olympics right now! We are loving the skiing, speed skating, snow boarding, luge....pretty much everything. The only thing Michael hates watching is the figure skating! I just think its really cool rooting for your country to win each event we take part in. I think it might be really exciting  this time as well because the US is doing so well and racking up a lot of medals!

Spring clothes hitting the stores
I think we are all so ready for winter to be over. Obviously it's going to be several more weeks but just seeing bright happy colors, floral patterns and swimsuits reminds me that it won't be long now. Plus I have to say I'm pretty excited about being several sizes smaller this spring so that means another one of my favorite!!!

Dove dark chocolate
Dove dark chocolate is my go to treat when I need a little chocolate fix. Dark chocolate is actually really good for you because it is packed with antioxidants and it has been proven to lower blood pressure. But really, in the end it's just delicious! I keep a bag in my desk at work and when I feel the need for a sweet craving a couple of Dove definitely do the trick!

My Valentine!
I can't have a February loves list without my Valentine! Thanks for a great Valentine's weekend babe; I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

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