Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, the last weekend of February is in the books. Hello, March! Please bring warmer weather, we cannot take much more of this whole winter thing. I see 40's in the forecast towards the end of the week, so let's hope we are moving in the right direction.

We had a great weekend, it was nice and low key On Friday, I went to Home Goods in the afternoon and found a few great Easter finds. For dinner we decided to stay in instead of going out so we just relaxed and watched the Olympics. On Saturday, I got up and worked out and put up the Easter decorations. I'm going to be doing a post on all the decorations this week, but here's a sneak peek!

After putting up the decorations we showered and got ready and headed down to the Bolingbrook Promenade to meet my parents, Arla and Teddy and Teddy's parents for lunch and tuxedo fittings for Arla and Teddy's wedding! We had lunch at Bass Pro's restaurant, Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant. It was really good. I had a 1/2 chicken with rosemary and lemon and Michael had the grouper fish sandwich. We had a really nice time at lunch and then headed to Men's Warehouse for the tuxedo fittings. Michael, Teddy, my Dad and Teddy's Dad all got fitted for the big day. We had fun teasing of all the guys and their ill fitting pants and jackets. We saw a lot of ankle!

My Dad showed us what he thought of our teasing! Check out the brown boat shoe with the black dressy shoe, stay classy!

Michael getting measured...feeling like deja vu?

After going to Mens Warehouse we went to a cute boutique in the Promenade called, Just Ducky. It was a really cute store and I picked up a cute decoration for Spring and a sign for my kitchen. We headed home and relaxed for a few hours and then we went out to dinner with Michael's parents. We tried a new restaurant by us called Jade. It was a Japanese fusion restaurant and it was really good. We had sushi for an appetizer and it was excellent. For dinner I had bulgogi and Michael had a Waygu beef burger. My bulgogi was ok; we all decided that the bulgogi that Michael's parents make is way better. Michael's parents even told our waiter the restaurant needed their recipe! It was a fun night out.

This morning I got up and worked out and then we headed out to breakfast and grocery shopping. We also hit up Costco to stock up on everything from detergent, spices and Michael's favorite, ketchup! We spent most the rest of the day relaxing and cooking. We made chicken parmesan paninis for lunch and Michael made himself some homemade Chex mix as a snack for the week. We watched the final Olympic event, the big hockey game between the USA and Canada. The Canucks edged us out but the USA played so well this Olympics. They finished 8th in Turino, so a silver medal is definitely an upgrade! For dinner we made homemade Chinese take out, sesame chicken and fried rice. It was delicious, it really is better than take out. Doesn't it look yummy?!!


We had a great weekend and I'm already looking forward to next weekend! We are going to the annual Pierogi fest at Michael's parents house next Saturday. My mouth is already watering! I am definitely going to have to put an extra workout in this week because I am not missing out on pierogi. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a speedy week!

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