Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Day 9 - Reindeer Run

On Saturday I ran my second 5K at the Lion's Club Reindeer Run! I signed up for the race back in September thinking that it would be around 32 degrees this time of year and it would be no problem. Of course we had an unseasonably cold arctic front come through and it was 6 degrees and felt like -5 with the windchill!

I knew once I started running I would be plenty warm so I never even thought about not doing the race. I got geared up and Michael took my picture in my antlers before I left!

Michael and Ethan stayed home because it was too cold just be standing around outside for 45 minutes. All of the runners gathered in a building by the start line to keep warm and then with 5 minutes until race time they booted us out. It was very cold for those few minutes at the start line. We were all jumping around to keep our muscles warm.

Once the race got started I felt good. I wasn't really cold after a few minutes and I was keeping my regular pace. Towards the end my lungs were feeling the effect of the cold but I pushed through and finished strong. I finished just a few seconds slower than my time in September so I felt great about that considering how cold it was. I was just happy I was able to run in that cold of weather, that means no excuses this Winter! My next race isn't until April 5 so I need to keep training.

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