Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up: Christmas Morning

I was so excited for Christmas morning. So much so that I couldn't really sleep. Before we went to bed we set up Ethan's train table and all of his gifts so it was ready to go when Ethan woke up in the morning. He was a very good little boy this year!

I was so excited when Ethan finally woke up at 7:30 to bring him downstairs. He practically leaped out of my arms to get to his train table. We knew he would love his train table and we were right. He was so excited and it made us so happy to see his little face light up!

It took a while but we finally got him to open some more presents, including his Thomas Power Wheels that he rode on right away. He looks so cute and like such a big boy riding it!

More Presents!

His very own Elf for next year!

More presents to open

Then we took a little break in present opening to eat some breakfast. I made cinnamon French toast with eggs and sausage. Ethan chose to play with his train table over eating, go figure!

A few more things to open

The aftermath

 I saw a quote someone posted on Facebook that said, "I used to think being a kid on Christmas was the best thing ever, but it turns out having kids on Christmas is!" I could not agree more! It was so much fun watching out little boy open his gifts up this year. To see him so excited over everything was just so much fun.

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