Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up: Christmas Eve

Well Christmas has come and gone and I am sifting through hundreds of photos so over the next few days I will be posting a lot of pictures from our Christmas celebrations. First up, Christmas Eve! On Christmas Eve we hosted Michael's family. They came over in the evening and we had dinner first. Michael made a really yummy dinner. He made strip steaks with flavored crusts, a chopped salad, biscuits and Tif brought her yummy cheesy potatoes too.

Waiting for everyone to arrive

Yummy Steaks

Eating time!

Waiting to open presents!

Family Picture time

Present Opening Time!

Then it was dessert time. We served all the things we had baked earlier in the week and Michael's Mom made a delicious Butterfinger ice cream sandwich cake. While we all ate some dessert the kids played with their new toys and we just relaxed.

We had a great night celebrating with everyone! After everyone went home it was time for Ethan to open up his Christmas pajamas and last Christmas book, The Night Before Christmas.

Modeling his new pajamas!

Then it was time to read the Night Before Christmas!

Then it was off to bed so that Santa could come deliver some special surprises for our good little boy. I think he was pretty excited about it, HA!

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