Sunday, December 15, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Day 15 - Cousin's Christmas Camp out!

I wanted to do something fun with our nieces and nephew to celebrate Christmas and start a new tradition this year. I decided to have them all spend the night and have a fun Christmas sleep over! I designed some special invitations and put together a little gift to deliver them with.

They all got a pair of Christmas pj's to wear that night and I put them and the invitation in a Christmas stocking that I painted their names on.

I planned to have them eat dinner, decorate sugar cookies, make an ornament, watch a Christmas movie and read some Christmas books. I got them all aprons to wear when we decorated cookies and added their names to them.

Lily came first and she and Ethan played and we had a Christmas music dance party in the kitchen.

Then as they started eating, Jacob and Makayla came and all the kids ate. I made them mac and cheese for dinner and they all ate well.

After dinner it was time to decorate sugar cookies! All the kids put on their aprons and got decorating! They had a lot of fun adding the frosting and lots of sprinkles! They ate a few cookies when they were done too!

After cookies, I cleaned up the kitchen and the kids played and watched the train go around the tree with Michael. They all love choo choos!

When I got the kitchen cleaned up it was time to make a Christmas ornament. We just made simple thumbprint reindeer since we were wrangling 4 toddlers. They all made a brown thumbprint on a glass ornament and then I added all of the reindeer elements when the kids went to sleep. They turned out cute.

After making their ornaments it was time to get changed in their pj's. The girls and boys had matching sets. They looked so cute! They ran around to burn off all the sugar they ingested and had lots of fun.

Then we got all cozied up to read some Christmas books. They all love books so much I think we read every one!

Then I attempted to get a picture of all them in front of the Christmas tree, not an easy feat with four kids aged 3 and under!

Then it was off to bed for Lily, Ethan and Makayla. Jacob stayed up a little longer and hung out with us and watched some Thomas.

All the kids were sleeping by 9 and slept great all night long. 

Lily and Ethan woke up at 7:15. They were happy and came downstairs and checked out all of the snow that had fallen while they were asleep. While they checked out the snow and played I made snowman pancakes and strawberries for them. 

Jacob and Makayla woke up around 8 and were smiling and ready for breakfast. They had snowman pancakes and strawberries too.

After breakfast the kids just played and had fun. They had so much fun together.

Their parents came around 10:30 to pick them up and we hung out and talked while the kids played some more. On their way out they got a little gift bag with some Christmas goodies along with their aprons, ornament and decorated cookies.

We had so much fun having Jacob, Makayla and Lily spend the night and the best part is they had so much fun too! I can't wait to do it again next year!

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  1. What an adorably fun night! The Christmas pj's are adorable... so much fun bundled into one evening. :)