Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17 - New Ornament Additions

We added a bunch of new ornaments this year, more than 30! Between the series we buy every year, our vacation (buying ornaments in Disney is addicting) as well as some special ones my parents brought back from their travels in Alaska, they certainly added up this year!

Here are some of our favorites we added this year!

This little Hallmark piano lights up and plays each of the carols listed and it is Ethan's favorite ornament on the tree. Our nieces and nephew loved it too when they visited this weekend. 

This beautiful carved Santa came all the way from Alaska for Ethan from Gramma and Papa. Santa is bearing Ethan's favorite thing, a choo choo!

This Dumbo ornament might be my favorite this year because it reminds me of my dream coming true of taking Ethan on his first trip to Disney World and his first ride on Dumbo!

This train is part of a new series from Hallmark and I knew I had to get it for our train loving boy!

This ornament is from one of my favorite artists at a craft fair we go to every year. I got one ornament for Ethan and a family ornament from her.

Another one of Ethan's favorites because if you pull the lever a gumball appears!

My second favorite new addition this year is from Disney World of Mickey dressed up as a Haunted Mansion butler. Haunted Mansion is one of our favorite rides so we knew this was a perfect addition to our collection!

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