Friday, December 20, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Day 20 - Ethan's Wish List

Ethan is a very lucky boy and has a lot of people who want to buy him Christmas gifts. He has two sets of grandparents, two sets of aunts and uncles, two sets of great aunts and uncles, us and Santa of course! It's a lot of stuff so I always start thinking and composing his list early in the Fall and always have a running wish list on Amazon so if people ask for ideas I have them at the ready. This year Ethan's list was divided into 4 categories: trains, puzzles, art and imaginative play/learning. Here are some of the items that Ethan might be opening up on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from us and our family. And if you are looking for a gift for a toddler boy, you might get some ideas too!

It's no secret that Ethan is obsessed with trains so this Christmas is unofficially the year of trains! He has been playing with a tiny IKEA train set that I bought him this past July and he is going to go crazy when he comes downstairs on Christmas morning and sees this train table! He will be getting a bunch of Thomas and Friends character trains like Flynn to go on his new table too! The train books I know he is going to love and the Thomas one has magnets that can be used inside with the story. The Thomas Power Wheels will be so much fun I can't wait to see him ride it around!

One of Ethan's newest interests is puzzles. He can do a chunky Melissa & Doug puzzle like it's his job. I wanted to get him some more challenging puzzles for Christmas and these are some of my favorites that we asked for. He actually has the alphabet and number puzzles already; we had a moment of weakness! Ethan is in love with them and I love the brand, Hape, that makes them. The peg puzzle is by Hape and is more advanced so it might take him longer to figure out which I like. The Thomas puzzle doesn't have a printed scene on the inside so it will be more of a challenge as well. The train puzzle makes a train whistle sound when you put the last piece in and the color fish puzzle I thought would be great to help him learn all of his colors since he only has blue, green, red and purple down so far.

Ethan loves to do crafts, play with stickers, and is starting to show interest in coloring, so I picked out some fun items to increase that interest. The Color Wonder desk is great because it keeps the mess contained since the paint and markers don't show up on anything but the special paper. I also like that it's compact and doesn't take up much space. The stamp set I thought would be something fun since he paints like he is stamping the paper already. The sticker pad is great because the pages are coated so the stickers can be re-used and moved around. And every budding new artist needs their first set of crayons and markers, washable of course!

This category is a little all over the place but are all things that I thought Ethan would enjoy. This Mike the Knight castle is so cute and is different than a traditional Little People play set. It doesn't hurt that it was on sale for $14 either! The dump truck is awesome, it's huge even Ethan could ride in the back! I can see Ethan filling it with all kinds of things and pushing it around the house. He loves duplos and Jake the Neverland pirate so that set was a winner and the create a cars were something I thought he could really get into since he loves anything on wheels and could make his own cars. Ethan loves animals, especially those found on the farm. He knows all of them by name and how to make some of their sounds. I thought this was perfect for him because the barn makes all of the animal sounds. The laptop and phone are some new learning toys to help Ethan learn his numbers and letters and I like that they are small toys that can easily go in my bag on the go or off to Grandma's! He also will be getting a bunch of new books since he loves them so much. I know he's going to love this one!

That is a lot of stuff, and believe me, I know how lucky Ethan is to receive any of it. I will definitely be putting some items away to bring out in a couple of months so it's like he's getting something completely new.

I'm not getting paid by showing these toys or providing links, just sharing! Oh and just and FYI, I have noticed a lot of the prices have gone up (many are double) on some of these items since I've purchased them. Ethan's train table is $100 more for example. Another perk of shopping early! I'm guessing stock is just getting low on a lot of the items and it's Christmas crunch time, so sellers can charge what they want.

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