Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

The first weekend of November is in the books. I still can't believe it's November, this year has seriously flown by! Although, I have to admit I am getting pretty excited for the holidays coming up. I'm already beginning the planning for Christmas cards, baking, presents, decorating and fun events! We had a really nice weekend. On Friday, we came home from work and got busy cooking and mixing the meat mixture for our family ravioli bonanza on Saturday. It takes a while to cook 15 pounds of meat! Michael was cooking the meat on all the burners of our stove while I was prepping all of the other ingredients for the mixture. After all the meat was cooked, I got down to mixing!

Yes, I'm sitting on the floor. It was impossible to get the leverage needed to mix everything with the giant pot on the counter. After getting the mixture done, we got ready and met Rich, Tif and Baby Jacob out for some dinner. We hadn't seen them in 2 weeks so it was nice to just hang out and talk. I got lots of Auntie Sara time in as well which always makes my day! After dinner we came home and relaxed and I fell asleep on the couch.

On Saturday, we got up and headed to breakfast and came back home to get everything packed up and ready to head to Arla and Teddy's for our ravioli making event! We have been planning this for a couple of months so everyone was really excited. My parents actually met at an Italian restaurant called DiGuidos and one of the things my mom made at the restaurant was the homemade ravioli. Every week they would make huge batches of ravioli for that week's meals. My mom's best friend Carol was one of the owners of DiGuidos. She gave my sister the pasta machine attachment for her Kitchen Aid and the secret family recipe (sorry, no sharing!) for the ravioli at her bridal shower earlier this year. I don't have any memories of the ravioli from DiGuidos like my sister does since I was too little, but I do remember being there a lot as a little kid. I knew it was going to be good though because my mom is an exceptionally good cook of Italian food and I know she learned a lot of it at DiGuidos. 

All of us had our prep work assignments before getting to Arla and Teddy's on Saturday. We made the meat mixture and both Arla and Mom made some batches of dough so we'd be ready to roll when we got there. We had some lunch and got to see Arla and Teddy's wedding video, which came out so nice and then we got down to business. Arla got her new pasta sheet maker hooked up on the Kitchen Aid, read the instructions and before long, we had pasta!

We couldn't believe how easy the pasta sheet press worked, it was awesome!

It didn't take us long to get an efficient system going. Arla and Michael worked the dough getting it to the proper thickness. My mom and I pushed the meat mixture onto the pasta and formed and cut all of the ravioli. My dad cooked all of the ravioli and put them on sheet pans and Teddy was running around helping all of us.

We would roll out big sheets, fill half with two rows of filling, fold the other half over, pinch and cut

Mom and I cutting the raviolis

Dad cooking the raviolis, Mom supervising!

Yum, the cooked and finished product!

We followed this same process, over, and over, and over again. We went through 8 batches of dough and only half of the filling we made and made 500 ravioli! At the end of the day we all went home with bags of ravioli enough for 7 dinners, plus extra meat mixture that we can use for lasagna, cannelloni, or stuffed shells. It worked out great. Now of course we tasted some ravioli along the way but we had to celebrate all of our hard work with dinner. We had our yummy ravioli with Mom's homemade sauce, garlic bread a salad and some Johnny G's Italian sausage. 

 It was all worth it for this, yum!

We had a great time doing this together and the results were delicious! We decided we need to get together and make ravioli annually. It's a lot of fun to get everyone together and do something like this. It reminded Michael and I a lot of making pierogi with his family every year. I know it brought a lot of memories back for my parents and sister and now Michael and Teddy are a part of it. We hung out for a little while and had some of Teddy's delicious homemade cookies for dessert and then headed home. We were wiped, we definitely needed that extra hour of sleep!

Today we got up and went to breakfast and then went grocery shopping. We were going to go see Megamind but decided that we'll go next weekend. We came home and did a few things around the house, I made some homemade chicken stock for this week. We just relaxed and it was really nice. Michael made us a delicious Sunday dinner. He made strip steaks, baked rosti potatoes, biscuits and a salad. It was really yummy! The potatoes are a new recipe I found in this month's Food and Family magazine. We made a few changes, we halved the recipe and used green onions instead of yellow onions, and added a little garlic powder.

Baked rosti potatoes

A yummy Sunday dinner by Michael!

We had a great weekend! We have a pretty busy week ahead with work and other things going on but hopefully that will make it go by fast. I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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