Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend recap

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was so nice to be off all week, I really enjoyed the break. I did some working out, shopping, crafting, Christmas decorating and of course Thanksgiving was in there too! The pictures tell the story best, so prepare for a lot of them!

On Tuesday I got all of the Christmas decorations out of storage

It is a lot of stuff to put in place, but it was a lot of fun!

On Wednesday I worked on a Christmas craft I had seen on one of my blogs. 

These were the final product!

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we relaxed in the morning before heading over to Michael's parents house. We were having dinner there before heading to celebrate with my side of the family at my Aunt Linda's house for dessert.

Michael and I

Jacob with his Mommy, it was his first Thanksgiving!

Auntie Sara and Jacob

Uncle Michael and Jacob

Everyone toasting to Thanksgiving!

Baby Jacob eyeballing some rolls

Jacob had his first taste of sweet potatoes but he was not too happy about it!

Luckily Uncle Michael was there to feed him a bottle so he didn't have to eat any more of those sweet potatoes!

On Friday, we did not get up and do any Black Friday shopping since we only have a couple more gifts to buy and didn't feel like dealing with the crowds. Anything we need could be bought online. We slept in and went to breakfast before heading down to my parents house. It's tradition that we set up my parent's Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. 

Teddy, Arla and Michael working on the lights

Lights done!

Next was the ribbon, Arla and Mom handled that part

Teddy and Dad supervised while enjoying a brew

Finally it was ornament time and everyone got in on the act

The finished product! My whole life is represented with memories on the tree

The final touch was to set-up my Dad's Disney train to run around the bottom of the tree

The tree all lit up at night

My Dad also unveiled the outside lights too, it looks beautiful!

We had fun putting up the tree and hanging out. We had some dinner and watched Kung Fu Panda before calling it a night and heading home. 

On Saturday, Michael and I got up and went to breakfast and then headed home to put up our Christmas tree! I have been dying to set up our new Christmas tree for months now since I bought it. It came together really quickly since it is pre-lit. We love it! It's so nice and full and the tall, slim-cut style fits perfectly in our family room. I will do the full reveal later this week but here is a picture of the tree set-up without any ribbon or ornaments on it.

She doesn't look this naked anymore, believe me!

After we were done decorating the tree we brought all the tubs back down to storage and cleaned things up. We relaxed in the afternoon and just watched some movies. For dinner Michael wanted to go to the new Chick-fil-A in Wheaton since he had never had it before. I had it about 10 years ago when I was in Georgia and I do remember it being really good. We figured since it's been open for a couple of weeks that it wouldn't be as crowded, but we were wrong! It was crazy busy, they even have a heated tent attached to the restaurant for additional seating because it's been so busy. We opted for drive-thru because it was packed inside. The sandwich was delicious just like I remembered and Michael loved it to. Granted, I wouldn't have camped out for it like some crazy people did when it opened, but it is really good.

It was a very long drive-thru line, but it was worth it!

My yummy chicken sandwich deluxe

Today we got up and went to breakfast and then headed to Costco and the grocery store.We always have fun walking around Costco and checking everything out. Before you know it, your cart fills up with all kinds of cool stuff! Our best deal of the day was a new Dyson vacuum. We have needed a new vacuum for a while and I was sick of picking up a cheap one for $100 and only having it last a couple of years. We got 40% off and it was a great deal. Of course I came home and put it together right away to test it out. It works awesome!

New vacuum - The Dyson Animal
After some shopping we headed home. We got changed and I set up a mini photo shoot to take our annual Christmas card picture. Porkchop wasn't really cooperating, but we got a good one for our card. I edited our pictures and got our Christmas card ordered from Shutterfly. I was able to get $100 worth of Christmas cards for free. All I had to pay was $8 for shipping. I hope Shutterfly does this every year for bloggers!

The rest of the day, we relaxed and watched some football. I did some baking and made a yummy Sunday dinner. We are just going to enjoy the rest of the night and pretend like tomorrow isn't Monday. I can't complain though, I had a great 9 days off. I only have 3 weeks of work and then I get 2 weeks off for Christmas. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I have lots of posts planned and I am starting our 25 Days of Christmas posts on December 1st!

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