Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Wrap-Up: Christmas Night

After our wonderful Christmas morning, we relaxed a bit, let Ethan and Sofia play with their new toys and then it was nap time both of them. My parents came over and we just visited and got everything ready for our celebration. Arla and Teddy came after Lily and Violet napped.  We let the kids open their gifts before dinner. They got so many great things and we're so excited!

My Mom made flannel pajamas for Ethan and Lily and they loved them!

The adults were up next for gifts!

Our goal is to always surprise my Mom and make her cry, we almost always succeed. This year we got her good with a Christmas/retirement gift of a new iPad! You can tell she was pretty surprised!

And for a bonus, we got my Dad going too, I love surprises!

After gifts, Michael cooked us an amazing Christmas dinner! Then we all just relaxed, visited and watch the kids play and be goofballs!

It was a great day and a wonderful way to end our Christmas celebrations!

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  1. I think you guys seriously had the best Christmas ever! So fun to look through all your photos =) And your meal looked delish!!