Thursday, December 17, 2015

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17 - The halls have been decked!

I love how cozy our house feels at Christmastime. It's warm, colorful and the house just glistens. The soft glow of the lights bouncing off all of the sparkle around the house is my favorite part! Not a whole lot has changed from last year. I definitely like bright, fun, and whimsical decor. I went a little minimal compared to years past due to my favorite princess and her very grabby hands! I decided not to put our Christmas village up and less things low to the ground to keep her temptation at a minimum!


  1. Seriously, so pretty! I love the whimsical decorations, like LOVE them! My house is very "country-ish" so I feel like I can't do a lot of decorating with the whimsical theme, but I so so so love it. I tried to make the girls room more of that theme with their tree. Some day when I have a new house my decorating will be very different =)