Wednesday, December 23, 2015

25 Days of Christmas: Day 23 - Fun with Jingle Bells the Elf!

We have been having so much fun this year with our new elf, Jingle Bells! Ethan runs downstairs every morning to see what he has been up to over night. Since our elf will be returning home to the North Pole tomorrow night until next year, I thought I would provide an update on all of the fun things he has done this month!


Drinking water through a crazy straw!

Candy cane zip line!

Lego fort!

Jingle Bells the pirate!

Snow angel!

Riding in a one velociraptor open sleigh!

Tee-pee the Christmas tree!

Pooping chocolate morsels!

Super Jingle Bells!

Scooping marshmallows!

Night cap tea party with Cinderella!


Jingle Bells hid 10 candy canes for Ethan to find!

Jingle Bells brought his pet reindeer and made Ethan and Sofia honorary reindeer!

Let's race!

Relaxing in a ribbon hammock under the Christmas tree!

Only 10 more days!

Sledding down the banister!

Swinging from the chandelier! 

Jingle Bells ready to bake cookies with his apron on!

Jingle Bells riding the Polar Express! it's cold outside! Jingle Bells and Patches McJingles needed to bundle up!

Jingle Bells is getting very excited for Christmas and presents so he put bows all over the kitchen!

Jingle Bells really wishes he could build a snowman!

Jingle Bells had a snowball fight with Princess Ana and brought some snowballs for Ethan and Sofia to have their own snowball fight!

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