Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Wrap-Up: Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is always my favorite part of Christmas! I never sleep the night I'm always too excited and full of anticipation. I couldn't wait to see Ethan and Sofia's reactions to all of their presents from us and Santa.

Santa came!

Making our way downstairs!

Checking everything out!

Going through their Santa buckets!

The Good Dinosaur was definitely a big theme this year for Ethan!

Minnie slippers!


Santa brings a few gifts and leaves them in Ethan and Sofia's Santa bags. This year Ethan asked for a Miles from Tomorrowland ship and Galloping Butch toy. Sofia wanted a new babydoll. Santa definitely delivered!

 Sofia loves her new Bitty Baby, as soon as she unwrapped it and the stroller she was up and out!

Ethan and Sofia both love to play dress-up. Ethan got a PJ Masks Catboy costume and Sofia got her own superhero costume to match the one Ethan has! They also got matching dinosaur tails!

Super Sofia!

Sofia is such an animal lover so she got some fun new animal friends that she loves!

Ethan has been LEGO obsessed so he got a few new sets to keep him extra busy this Winter!

A special gift I got for both of them was their own personalized wooden Thomas train. They both love choo choos and play with the train table every day so I thought this would be fun for them. Ethan was so unbelievably excited to have an "Ethan" train!

The aftermath of all the fun!

They spent the morning playing with all of their new toys and having fun! 

Oh and Sofia got busted eating the rest of Santa's cookies that he didn't finish! She's going to be on the naughty list for next year, HA!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! I love that you got Sofia a Bitty Baby. Alyx got one last Christmas, and seriously it was the best gift ever. She loves it and plays with it every single day. The shark sleeping bag/blanket thing is soo awesome! Where did you find it??

    1. Thank you! The shark blanket is from they have mermaid tails too! They are super soft, Ethan loves it!