Wednesday, December 16, 2015

25 Days of Christmas: Day 16 - New Ornament Additions

Every year we always add to our ornament collection. Some are series we are continuing from Hallmark, some are gifts, and some are vacation souvenirs. I've picked out a few of our favorites to give you a closer look!

This one is probably all of our favorite this year. It's a record player that came with 3 records and they each play a Christmas song when you bring the arm over the record. Ethan loves this one and plays it every day and dances around while the song plays.

This one is from our family vacation this Summer. Duck, NC was our favorite little town we spent the most time in on the Outer Banks.

This crayon ornament was a total impulse buy while waiting in line at Hallmark, but I love it. The top opens and closes and it has a sharpener in the back. Ethan wishes the crayons actually came out, but this Mama is glad they are glued in or it might become a set of 54 instead, HA!

This one is special to me and I knew I had to have it when I saw it. It's a Mama penguin reading to her two chicks. Story time is one of my favorite times of day with my kiddos!

Of course I have to include our latest family ornament, this is one of my favorite traditions we do every year!

And these ornaments are not new, but they just might be my absolute favorites on the tree. They are mine and my love's first ornaments when we were babies. Michael's is the cute little mouse nibbling on the cookie and mine is the angel holding a star. I love that they both have stars! I always put them front and center, right next to each other on the tree every year. We're only a month a part down to the day so I always think about our moms picking these out for us at Hallmark that year and it makes me smile!

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  1. I love all your ornaments! We always buy new ones each year and it's fun to look back each year at your ornaments. Very pretty!