Friday, December 4, 2015

25 Days of Christmas: Day 4 - Christmas Countdowns

We have five traditions when it comes to Christmas countdowns, two of which are new this year! First is our countdown garland on the mantle. Every day we move the Santa along the garland. 

Our second countdown is the cotton ball Santa beard countdown. I found a cute printable on Pinterest, got it printed in an 8x10 at Costco and then hung it on the fridge. Each day Ethan  or Sofia will add a cotton ball to fill out Santa's beard by Christmas!

Our third countdown is our 25 books of Christmas countdown. Every day Ethan and Sofia will get to open a wrapped Christmas book for us to read together. They both absolutely love this! I added quite a few new books this year to replace some babyish ones from the past 2 years. Sofia is the perfect age though for the more babyish ones so I left them out unwrapped for her so she can read them anytime she wants. 

Our new Christmas books this year

Our fourth countdown is new this year, we started a Lego countdown calendar. Ethan has really gotten into Legos this past year, so this one is primarily for him.

Our last countdown is also new this year and that is our Elf on Shelf, Jingle Bells which I talked about earlier this week. I think this is my new favorite Christmas tradition!

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  1. The cotton ball Santa is really cute =) I love all the traditions!