Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

Brace yourself, this is going to be one boring weekend recap. LOL! We have had a really relaxing, uneventful weekend and it was nice. On Friday after work Michael and I grabbed some dinner and went over to Rich and Tif's to hang out with them, baby Jacob and Ken. Baby Jacob is getting over his first cold. Even though he was sick, he was still smiling and having fun playing with all of his toys. We had dinner, played with Jacob and just had fun talking.

His new little teeth like chomping on his Sophie

On Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast and then headed out to Oakbrook to do some shopping. I had so many gift cards screaming my name so I wanted to see if I could find anything good. I had gift cards at Crate & Barrel and Williams & Sonoma so we headed there first. I didn't find anything at Crate & Barrel. I think I'm going to wait until they get all the fun summer stock in until I use it there. We did find lots of cool stuff at Williams & Sonoma though. I had a nice gift card from my boss to spend so we had fun picking out lots of fun kitchen gadgets. One of my favorite things we got are a set of flexible cutting boards. I had a set of flexible cutting boards before but these are sturdier and the entire back is covered with a non-skid coating so they don't move like my other ones do. I used them today and they worked great!
One of the other things we got that I'm excited about is a ravioli mold. The woman in the store said that it works really well and that they demo it all the time, so I am excited to try it. We might have to try it at our next ravioli making bonanza!

We picked up a few spatulas, a new adjustable peeler, 2 jelly roll pans, 1 smaller pan, a sprinkles cupcake mix, and a garlic press slicer. After the mall we headed down Butterfield to Charming Charlie and lunch at Flattop. I didn't find anything I was in love with this time at Charming Charlie, so I'm gonna wait until some of their spring stuff comes out. My gift card isn't going anywhere! Finally, it was lunch time and boy was Michael happy that shopping time was over! We had a really yummy lunch at Flattop as usual. 

After lunch we headed home. I wanted to put up my Valentine's Day decorations up so we just chilled at home the rest of the day. I got all of my decorations up, which I will be posting about this week. We just relaxed, made a pizza and watched The Social Network.We hadn't seen it yet and everyone we talked to like it so we wanted to give it a shot. We really liked it. It was interesting to see the "supposed" background to the most popular website on the internet.

Today, we got up and went to breakfast and did our grocery shopping. Afterward, we came home and made some buffalo chicken dip and a veggies and dip platter for Rich and Tif's since we were going over to watch the Bear's game. We rooted the Bears on to an impressive victory! Bring on Green Bay next week. 

We had fun watching the game with everyone and watching Jacob play and jump in his jumpy jump. I took some cute pictures of him in it, but I left my camera at Rich and Tif's so I will have to add them later. After the game we came home and just relaxed and Michael took a nap. We have nothing planned for the rest of the night except relaxing and maybe watching the Golden Globes. I hope all of you had a great weekend and have a quick week ahead!

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