Friday, January 7, 2011

This week I'm...

Loving: Our new elliptical and EA Sports Active 2, they are kicking my butt!

Disliking: Pajama jeans, can't even believe these, they're ridiculous. The infomercial is pretty comical though!

Craving: Apple to announce the release date for the iPad 2, I want to get ours pre-ordered stat!

Wanting: My new Etsy purchases to arrive! I ordered 2 of the things I featured in my Christmas wish list post. I ordered the love birds print for our bedroom in grey and yellow and I ordered the photo blocks with our last name for our mantel. I can't wait to see how everything looks!

Reading: Lots of magazines, I have a huge stack that I am backed up on since I didn't ride the train for 2 weeks.

Watching: All of our shows that are finally back from a holiday break!

Listening to: The Beatles collection, thanks to Michael downloading several albums after getting some iTunes gift cards for Christmas.

Looking forward to: The weekend, working 5 days in a row is rough; it's been a while!

Hearing buzz about: I love that the husband of the couple that won half of the mega millions jackpot handed over the giant check for $190 million to his wife and said, "We've been married 41 years, I know what to do with this check." Smart man, HA!

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