Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our blog by the numbers for 2010

When I was working on my 2010 blog book this weekend, I pulled some stats on our blog for the year. I was surprised at some of the numbers so I wanted to have a record of it.
  • I blogged 329 times in 2010, up from 78 in 2009
  • Average number of visitors, monthly, January 2010: 178
  • Average number of visitors, monthly, December 2010: 2,238
  • Average number of visitors, daily for 2010: 62
  • Our blog has been visited by people from more than 25 countries (Apparently people in Singapore like ice cream cakes too!!)
  • Most popular blog post with over 2,000 views:  Oreo Fudge Ice Cream Cake
  • Other popular blog posts include: daily photos on our California trip, recaps of our California trip and our 25 days of Christmas posts.
  • I posted more than 25 new recipes
  • I went from having only 1 comment in all of 2009 to over 50 in 2010
I took more pictures, captured more memories, and shared our life with our family, friends and even some people we'll never meet, all because of this blog.

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