Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

One thing I know for sure is that I am loving our relaxing weekends lately. On Friday I worked from home which was nice but I was really busy. Somehow I seem to work longer hours when I work from home than when I'm in the office. But anyways, Michael came home for lunch and brought me a little surprise. I had been having a really rough week with the fertility medicine I am on and wasn't in the best of spirits. Michael always knows how to make me feel better with a surprise.

I have been lusting over this leather tote for a while now

I also got some packages on Friday, which always makes me happy. I had ordered a couple of dresses for work from Overstock. Did you know they sold clothes? I didn't either until I saw another blog and she found some great items. I totally scored on two Tahari dresses. I have some work conferences coming up in a couple months so they will definitely get some good use.

This Tahari dress retails for $148 and I got it for $46!

This Tahari dress retails for $138 and I got it for $32!

Friday night we had dinner with Michael's parents, Rich, Tif, Baby Jacob and Ken. We met up at Famous Dave's and had some yummy bbq. We ate and visited and then headed over to Rich and Tif's to hang out.

Hello there cutie pie!

On Saturday we got up and went to breakfast with Rich, Tif and Ken. After breakfast we headed home to pick up Porkchop and then head down to my parents house. We were getting together to make all of our reservations for our Disney vacation in May. We picked all of our restaurants and made reservations. I am going to do a post this week on all of our vacation plans. After we made all of our reservations we hung out and watched a movie. We watched, The Secretariat. 

It was such a good movie. It's a movie based on a real story about the greatest race horse that ever lived. It is an amazing story. We all really liked it. After watching the movie we headed to one of my families favorite Italian restaurants, Mama Onesta's. We had an amazing dinner. We had salads, grilled calamari, spaghetti and meatballs, veal parmesan and gelato for dessert. We definitely didn't leave hungry! When we came out of dinner it was starting to snow so we decided to head home. When we got home we just relaxed and decided to pop in another movie. We watched RED. 

This was definitely not a favorite. I fell asleep which tells you how good it was. Michael finished watching it and he didn't think it was that good either. Oh well, luckily it was just a $1 rental at Red Box.

Today we got up and went to breakfast and then went grocery shopping. After grocery shopping we came home did some cleaning and laundry and I did some baking. I found this recipe on my blog roll this week and I had to make them. I'm glad they did because they are delicious!

I also worked on a Shutterfly book this afternoon. Shutterfly sent me a promo code for a free 8x8 book and today was the last day to place my order so I had to get it done. I did a 2010 year in review book with pictures all throughout the year. 

Cover of my 2010 year in review Shutterfly book

Tonight we are just going to relax and enjoy the rest of our Sunday. I am making pesto stuffed chicken breasts for Sunday dinner. I hope all of you had a great weekend and have a good week ahead. I am really hoping we do not get the 20" of snow they are predicting on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully the weather forecasts are wrong as always and the storm misses us. I am ready for Winter to be over!

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