Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 9 - Because they're pretty...

One of my favorite movie quotes is from The Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway's friend talks about how he doesn't understand why women need so many purses and that you just need one to put your stuff in and that's it. Her other friend replies with, "because they're pretty..." I totally agree!

I love all things pretty, sparkly and shiny! I think that I am a really easy person to shop for. I have many interests and hobbies, I love fashion and all things girly. At any one time I could easily rattle off 10 things I would like. I blame the hundreds of blogs I read and Etsy! I thought it would be fun to put together a little wish list of sorts with things that have caught my eye recently. I think any girl would like most of these items as well!

Magnolia Necklace

I think this is such a classic piece, you could wear it everyday and with anything. I would get it in the silver though because I'm not much of a golden girl! I just love the magnolia design with the monogram charm in the middle. This is definitely going on a someday wish list for me!

Miss Plunkett Boutique

I love headbands or any accessory for that matter. Miss Plunkett Boutique lets you customize your accessories at a great price. You start by picking a headband, hair clip or jewelry piece and then you can add your choice of flower, feathers and center piece. I love that you could create a custom piece if you had a special event or outfit you wanted to wear!

Ruffled touch glove

These are a pretty genius idea, and something I definitely need, ok, want. These gloves have material on the tips of the fingers so you can use your touch screen phone with gloves on. It's genius, right! I almost always wait to put my gloves on until I am walking off of the train in case I want to change songs on my iPhone or read an e-mail. These would definitely solve that problem! They have them for men too. I think it's a great gift for anyone with a touch screen phone or iPod.

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

I always say, "I never met a bag I didn't like!" This one really makes me swoon. I love the classic look and size of this tote, I could use it for work or on the weekend. Plus, Michael Kors leather bags are always super soft, which I love. I will definitely be stalking this one online for after the season sales.

Swarovski Louise Jet Ring

I love sparkle, and this ring fits the bill. I love the shape and all of the different color crystals. I could wear it with so many things in my wardrobe, since I wear so much black, purple and gray!

I love this print and I want it for our newly re-designed master bedroom. It would fit into our room just perfect. And like all things Etsy, it can be completely customized. I can pick the color of the tree, background and birds and have it printed in any size. I can already see it on our bedroom wall!

Photo letter blocks

Letter/word blocks have been around for a while. Most of them are pictures of abstract things that look like letters put together to spell a word. I think these are even better! You get to have you're own pictures in the background and then get to choose from many different styles of letters to go over the pictures. I love these and can see it on my family room mantel now!

Love birds necklace

I'm on bird thing, I don't know what to tell you. But I can tell you that I love this necklace! It is made by a company called the Vintage Pearl and they went from an etsy shop, to an online store to a full blown retail store. I love that you can customize the initials and choose what kind of pearl or crystal to go with it.

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