Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas wrap-up: Christmas Day

On Christmas morning we slept in a little later than we normally do, but it was nice. Before we headed to Michael's parents we let Porkchop open up all of his gifts. He is hilarious when he opens them, he is worse than a kid. He rips them open and takes the toy out and runs around.

 Tearing into his first gift

Success, a Christmas tree!

So many presents!

Do I have something in my teeth?!!!

Look at all of my new toys!

His toy bin is way too full now, time to go through and throw out the old ones!

After Porkchop was all done opening his toys, I packed up the car and Michael and I headed over to his parents house to celebrate Christmas with his family. We all had breakfast together and then opened up gifts.

 Jacob's first Christmas!

Jacob and Mommy

 Great Grandma, Jacob and Mommy

Jacob keeping busy while we ate breakfast

Jacob playing with Mommy

Everyone getting ready to open gifts

Michael got a practice mini helicopter, which already needs replacement parts by the way, HA!

Finally it was Jacob's turn, Michael and I were so excited for him to open all of our gifts!

This was a vtech tub toy we got him

This was a Frosty the snowman recordable book that Michael and I read and recorded from Hallmark

We also got him these little bath squirters

This was the Lil Zoomers toy we got him

At this point Jacob was tuckered out and Tif took over on the present opening

Look at all those toys! 

After opening gifts, Tif put Jacob down for a nap since he was so tired. We just talked and hung out. Baby Jacob woke up about an hour later and after having some lunch he was good to go. We put together a bunch of his new toys so he could play with him. It was really fun!

Having some green beans for lunch, yum!

Playing with his new Lil Zoomers toy we bought him

Mmmm...these cars taste good!

Playing with his new workbench Grammy and Grampy bought him

He loved this inflatable penguin toy Grammy and Grampy bought him too!

We hung out at Michael's parents house until about 2 and then headed home. We just relaxed the rest of the night. I unpacked all of our Christmas presents from the past 2 days so I could put everything away. I made some dinner, we watched Elf and Michael practiced flying his new helicopter. It was a nice, relaxing end to our Christmas day.

All of our Christmas loot, we are so spoiled!

Michael flying his new helicopter around our family room

Porkchop cuddling up in his new blanket from Grammy Dworianyn

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