Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas wrap-up: Day after Christmas

The last of my Christmas wrap-up posts! The day after Christmas Michael and I were supposed to go shopping for some after Christmas deals but unfortunately Michael got sick. He woke up and was having flu symptoms and was not feeling well at all. He told me not to worry about him and go shopping, so I got him some saltines and Sprite and he went back to bed and I headed to the stores. I was surprised at how empty they were. It's possible the snow kept everyone away. Maybe everyone was just shopped out or still in food comas!

I headed to Target first to check out their discounts on Christmas items. I stocked up on gift bags, tags and ribbon for Christmas wrapping next year. After Target I headed to Container Store to stock up on wrapping paper. They have beautiful stuff but it is rather expensive so 50% off definitely helps! I loaded up on lots of great paper and gift bags. I tried to find some patterns that could work for birthdays or other occasions too. I also found a new wrapping paper holder. I am definitely set with wrapping for a while.

 New wrapping container

Lots of new wrapping paper

All of the new gift bags and ribbon I found

My ribbon bin is full and ready for next year!

After Container Store I went a few doors down to Home Goods to see what they had. Almost all of the Christmas stuff was gone but they did have all of the Valentine's decorations out! I know, I know, Christmas just ended but if you don't get things when they first come out by the time the holiday gets here all the good stuff is gone. I needed a few new things for my entryway table and I had a gift card that has been burning a hole in  my pocket since my birthday! I found some great things!

I got 2 baskets, a table runner, a heart placemat, a tree with heart ornaments, wooden love blocks, a candle holder, and 2 signs! The best part was that I got all of this for $50! Gotta love the prices at Home Goods!

After a few hours of shopping, I headed home to check on my patient Michael. He still was not feeling well. He was nauseous, dizzy and kept getting the chills. He slept most of the afternoon. When he woke up late in the afternoon he still wasn't feeling so good. We just relaxed and watched some movies. We watched Swiss Family Robinson and National Treasure. Michael finally started feeling less nauseous when we were getting ready to bed. He certainly has had a rough week!

I am looking forward to having another week off of work. I want to do some cleaning and organizing and take my Christmas decorations down. I love having them up, but I love the fresh clean look for the New Year as well. My parents are coming over on Thursday to check them out before they are put away for another year!

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