Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 11 - Welcome to the North Pole!

Last year we got an amazing gift from my parents, houses from their Department56 North Pole village. Michael then became addicted to scouring eBay for additional houses to add to our village. Before we knew it, we had a metropolis! We set it up on our dining room table and it was kind of a pain so we decided to move it to our bookcase this year. It was like the village was meant to be displayed in there; I love how it came out!

 Welcome to the North Pole!

2009 village set-up

Our 2010 set-up

Here are some close-ups of our favorite houses

Disney swing with the classic characters

The petting zoo

No North Pole village is complete without Mr. and Mrs. Claus' house

The penguin visitors center

The snow bank

Peanut brittle factory

The reindeer spa, I love the reindeer in the whirlpool and the reindeer being massaged by Santa

My favorite house, the Hot Cocoa house and water tower!

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